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As one of the most popular dive destinations in the world, Cozumel is an underwater photographer’s paradise! Cozumel offers just about everything a photographer can ask for, with colorful reefs, giant coral formations, and vibrant sponges decorating the reef among abundant marine life.  There are plentiful opportunities for both wide angle and macro photography.  Diving with your camera is easier with Cozumel Dive Academy, as our boats are there to pick you up when you surface. Cozumel Dive Academy knows how to look after the unique needs of underwater photographers.

Offering morning and afternoon customized small-group photography-only dive trips on one of our spacious fast boats, we dive at your pace. You are allowed the freedom to explore the reef, searching for your next image slowly and methodically without being hurried along by your divemaster.  Our captains and divemasters have been trained how to handle and look after your camera equipment.

All our boats have freshwater rinse buckets exclusively for your cameras and means to safely secure them when we are underway.