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CORAL RESEARCH DIVER Be part of the solution and learn to help protect what we love

This is a five-day hands-on program during which you will attend 4 theory classes and complete 10 shore dives.  Up to 8 nights accommodations are included.

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During your course, you will learn:

  • To identify areas to be restored.
  • Locate the fragmented coral organisms to be rescued along the sandy areas of our shallow-water reefs.
  • To transport and attach the rescued coral colonies into containers with epoxy.  These colonies will then be maintained in quarantine areas where their health and resilience will be monitored.
  • To prepare areas for the outplanting of the new coral colonies. 
  • To monitor outplanted corals to assess their growth and adaptation to their new environment.
  • Learn about sexual reproduction in corals the propagation of colonies through the rescue of broken corals.

During your course, you will also be working on different ongoing restoration projects, which can include:

  • Using various monitoring techniques to gauge coral health and growth
  • Identifying coral species 
  • Working in the laboratory and aquariums

Upon completing your Research Diver course, you will earn your Diploma as a Coral Reef Restorer Volunteer Diver.  This qualifies you to become a volunteer helping the efforts of Cozumel Coral Reef Restoration to protect the reefs of Cozumel.