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ONE TANK GUIDED NIGHT SHORE DIVE Jump in from our private dock!

One Tank Guided Shore Night Dive

Do you want to do a night dive but are unsure you are ready for one? 

Don't worry; we've got you covered! Sign up for our one-tank guided night shore dive.

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Our guided shore night dive has a maximum depth of 35', making it ideal for Junior Divers and those who want to gain more experience in night diving.

We're conveniently located right on that gorgeous turquoise water, so diving into our house reef, directly in front of our private beach, makes it easy. One of our experienced PADI professionals will grab a tank and introduce you to the incredible experience of night dives! Even if you have been diving on our reef during the day, it will appear different at night. This is because the critters that hide during the day, like our octopus and crabs, come out at night.

Our guided shore dives are scheduled daily each evening at 6:30 pm, but the actual start time depends on sunset.