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DAN BASIC LIFE SUPPORT CPR AND FIRST AID IQC Become a DAN Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid Instructor

DAN Instructor Qualification Course – Basic Life Support: CPR and First Aid V.3.0

Divers Alert Network

DAN CPR and First Aid (BLS) Version 3.0 integrates the latest international protocols for performing CPR, first aid, and related skills.

DAN CPR and First Aid (BLS) Version 3.0 BLS course includes 1- and 2-rescuer CPR, AEDs, and three methods for addressing foreign Body Airway Obstructions (FBAO):

Abdominal thrusts
Chest thrusts
Back blows for adults and children.

The first aid section includes new information and skills pertaining to wound packing, dislocations, amputations, internal bleeding, open chest wounds, and spinal injury management.

During the course, you’ll learn how to provide role-model demonstrations for each of the critical skills and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the associated course standards.


DAN member
Current Status Divemaster or higher with a recognized training agency

Course Content

Complete the DAN Core Online, which includes the following topics:

Overview of DAN
Becoming a DAN Instructor
DAN training methodology
Role of a DAN instructor
Ethics, QA, and the use of DAN logos
DAN training programs
General S&P overview
DAN Provider Award

Note: You must complete the online Core Module no more than 60 days before starting the Instructor Qualification Course.

DAN Instructor Qualification Course

The instructor training will address the following topics:

DAN Training Methodology
Instructor materials
Administrative procedures
Instructor resources
Marketing DAN courses
Good Samaritan laws
Disease transmission
Steps to teach the course


All classroom training
Use of CPR Mannequins, Oxygen kits, non-rebreather masks, splinting and bandaging materials, gloves, and first aid equipment
DFA Pro Student Kit (slates, non-rebreather mask, gloves, DAN oronasal resuscitation mask)
DAN Instructor Application Processing Fee